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A shift in Mr. Rouse’s approach seemed to take place starting in the mid-1990s, with works featuring episodes of delicacy and humor touched with brittleness. His Cello Concerto, written for Yo-Yo Ma, who gave the 1994 premiere with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, conducted by David Zinman, is an extended elegy, in part a response to the deaths of two admired composers: Andrzej Panufnik and Stephen Albert. The concerto quotes their works while also borrowing from William Schuman’s “Orpheus With His Lute” and a haunting lullaby from Monteverdi’s opera “The Coronation of Poppea.” The clip hit the internet on the same day as the May the 4th Star Wars Day holiday, and as tickets went on sale for Solo.

A month later, on Sunday, the Dallas Police Department announced that the woman, Muhlaysia Booker, 23, had been shot and killed. The police said it had no evidence linking the killing to the earlier attack. If your TV doesn't have all the options you want, then the best solution is an external media streamer. These inexpensive devices have far more streaming channels than a smart TV, though of course, not all of those have HDR. Check out our media streamer reviews for some of the best options, including our current favorite, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus.

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Cambridge Analytica: Everything you need to know about Facebook's data mining scandal. Investments by Apple have had an enormous impact on the company's ability to identify and catch leakers. Just before last September's special event, an employee leaked a link to the gold master of iOS 11 to the press, again believing he wouldn't be caught. The unreleased OS detailed soon-to-be-announced software and hardware including iPhone X. Within days, the leaker was identified through an internal investigation and fired. Global Security's digital forensics also helped catch several employees who were feeding confidential details about new products including iPhone X, iPad Pro and AirPods to a blogger at 9to5Mac.Last year Apple caught 29 leakers.

Sometimes your bedrock assumptions about the world and your place in it suddenly collapse, a kind of existential earthquake that makes you rethink everything. For Molly, a Los Angeles teenager, that happens on the last day of senior year, in the school bathroom. Tech Enabled: CNET chronicles tech's role in providing new kinds of accessibility.

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Log InMay 2016 Since the original model, Apple's iMac line has continued to evolve into its current 21-inch and 27-inch flat-panel models that have substantially more power and storage. Traditionalists bemoaned the original model's lack of a floppy drive, but Apple has long since dropped optical drives from its Macs, too.