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• Los estudiantes vuelven a las calles de Chile. El jueves, miles de estudiantes chilenos volvieron a marchar por la principal avenida de Santiago para exigir el fin del endeudamiento que aqueja a miles de ellos y una enseñanza gratuita y no sexista. La marcha se efectuó en medio de incidentes aislados protagonizados por encapuchados que atacaron a la policía, que reaccionó lanzando chorros de agua y gases lacrimógenos. If you insist on a smartphone with a small screen (5 inches or under), you pretty much have two choices: the powerful, midprice Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact or the long-in-the-tooth iPhone SE, which does not appear to be getting an update. Otherwise, you'll need to scrounge up an older phone -- which I don't recommend -- or get used to something larger.

Some A.I. researchers like to claim that “we can always just switch them off” — but this makes no more sense than arguing that we can always just play better moves than the superhuman chess or Go program we’re facing. The machine will anticipate all the ways in which a human might interfere and take pre-emptive steps to prevent this from happening. First published at 2:15 a.m. PT.Updated at 2:50 a.m. PT: Adds more detail.

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Invoking the fatal shooting of the politician Jo Cox in 2016, Mr. Bottomley said that if someone had intervened before Ms. Cox had been killed, “that would’ve been good.” The NOAA Journey into Midnight mission is investigating deep, dark areas of the Gulf of Mexico below 3,800 feet (1,000 meters). This is known as the bathypelagic (midnight) zone. 

Over the last three years, Havens House has been renovated and expanded with a two-level addition designed by Mr. Pedersen to create more storage and a proper art gallery. (A barn on the property, built in 1988, has remained intact). The effort was initiated by Ms. Pedersen, who served for eight years as the historical society’s president. Four years ago, she received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, just as the project was gaining steam. Ms. Pedersen continued to be actively involved until her illness made that unfeasible; her husband has finished it for her. For my two final laps, I press a big, red button to the left of the steering wheel labeled "ROAV Mode." Sand Mode was plenty of fun for my first couple of laps, but ROAV Mode gives me the giggles. Suddenly, the Rugged Open Air Vehicle feels like it's rear-wheel drive. Throughout the course, I'm even able to hold onto a couple of drifts.

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